Thursday, June 2, 2011

Procedure for changing a cpu?

Im planning on upgrading my dell 2.0 ghz single core cpu to a 2.8 socket 478. I know how to change them but do i have to apply thermal paste or what other things should i do?Procedure for changing a cpu?if u buy a cpu the thermal paste will already come with the fan jst dont touch the bottom also if u remove the fan then u have to apply it u only have to put as much as a size of a peaProcedure for changing a cpu?the thermal paste goes between the cpu and the heatsink/fan unit.Yes you need it.just a small dab in the middle that you can envision just being enough to cover the area when the two are pressed together.Assuming the new cpu is compatible,nobig deal.Make sure PC is unplugged,and you have discharged any static electricity in your body.Procedure for changing a cpu?First make sure your motherboard is capable of upgrading...maybe it wont support w/e ur tryna install..and since its dell...its really harder to upgrade.. But, to change a cpu.. get thermal paste apply a rice size..spread around that...clean the heatsink off (if your using the same) with rubbing alcohol ..then put it back on and ur done =)Procedure for changing a cpu?After you take out the old cpu and put in the new makeing sure you don't touch the pins and that you release all static electrisity before touching the motherboard, you need to apply thermal paste.

Just apply a drop in the middle. Then use your finger to spread it.

Thermal paste ensures that heat is always being trasfered away from the cpu directly to the heatsink.

If thermal paste is not applied you may damage your cpu, as it will over heat.

Just remember...

At all times keep one of your hands on the metal case of the computer to discharge static. Or just every 30 seconds touch the case

Make sure to apply thermal paste.

DON'T TOUCH THE PINS.Procedure for changing a cpu?LOL talk about old wow.

Here is a video on how to put paste on your CPU:

i hope this helps.